• Our Most Important Job: Make homes energy efficient. Comfortably!

    Starting with our Home Profile – an assessment of your whole house as a system – Progressive designs a solution that makes your home perform with greater efficiency while maintaining comfort and increasing value!

  • Energy Efficiency video tells the story in less than a minute!

    Kaycie Chapman provides a delightful interview of homeowner Bruce Loria and Progressive's Steve Anderson to capture the reality of an energy efficient home! Click for video.

  • Cozy Cash - $200 coupon leads to potential $4500 rebate.

    Be sure to ask how Cozy Cash opens the door to rebates of up to $4,000.00 through Energy Upgrade CA.
  • Our Insulation and Window Showroom is Open Daily for You!

    One of the most amazing window showrooms in Southern California. Evaluate hands-on the large selection of windows on display. Usually unseen, check out the variety of insulation options displayed through clear glass .

  • Energy Efficiency Brings Value to Your Home!

    Zero-Net-Energy houses are coming! By 2020 your energy guzzling house will be undesirable to efficiency conscious consumers. There's value in making your home efficient. Our Home Profile is the first step.

  • An Energy Efficient Home Has Properly Installed Insulation & Windows

    As experts in energy efficient home systems, Progressive makes sure the right types of insulation and window products are properly installed Ask about our Home Profile, an assessment tool that will help you decide.

  • No Window Job is Too Big or Too Small

    We proudly install a wide range of window products in a wide range of homes. No matter what size your window project is, give us a call, you'll be glad you found us.

  • Our Solutions Make Your Home Comfortable in Winter and Summer

    With our comprehensive Home Profile, you can take confident steps toward a system of insulation services and window products that are best suited to your house. AND stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Progressive Insulation & Windows
Serving Southern California with Total Living Comfort Since 1978

Steve Anderson, Owner of Progressive Insulation & WindowsWelcome to our website! My name is Steve Anderson, Founder and President of Progressive Insulation & Windows.  You’re probably interested in learning about the replacement windows that we support or how to make your home more energy efficient with our many insulation products. Or maybe you have heard that there are rebates available of up to $4500.00! We’ve built this website to answer your questions while getting acquainted with Progressive.

Insulation Services

Since 1978 we’ve been providing high quality insulation services that greatly outperform the results other insulation companies offer. We do this by designing the best product application and providing the best installation of our many insulation products as possible. I’ve always said, ‘The best insulation is properly installed insulation.” We make a difference through excellence!

Replacement Windows

New replacement windows can make an amazing difference in your home’s appearance and energy usage. We are at the forefront of energy efficient windows that provide excellent functionality while adding beauty to your home. Replacement windows are custom designed for the look and feel you desire and are installed with care so they perform.

Home Performance

Home Performance is a comprehensive, whole-house approach to upgrading your home for energy efficiency. Progressive will perform an assessment of your house to map a plan that secures the thermal envelope of the house. The thermal envelope includes the four walls, floor and ceiling, that make up your house.  Air-sealing the critical leak points of the thermal envelope so that it does not allow conditioned air, hot or cool, to escape, is the starting point of energy efficiency. With a full range of energy efficient related home improvement products, our employees are trained to upgrade your home so that it performs more efficiently.

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